About Us

1-) What Is Melanin City

Melanin City is a free social networking website for people of color that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and associates. enables users to connect with friends, family, associates, & strangers alike by sharing status updates, personal photos and other items of interest. I created this all while in the midst of a pandemic, designing the site as a means for people of color to communicate and to socialize online. As cliche as it sounds, the best way to learn about Melanin City is to try it yourself. Our app is coming, a few if you are already running beta versions for iOS and Android and I thank you so much. Add me as a friend, I look forward to talking to all of you. #StayBlessed #GodIsLove

2-) I’d also like to add that I appreciate all of you that are here currently. I know you’re lost especially if you’re a newbie to social media but like everything else, in time you’ll get it. Look around a bit! I’ve implemented features I’ve enjoyed from other social media sites from BlackPlanet to Facebook like adding music to your profile, changing your cover photo, and customization such as font colors and backgrounds. I encourage you to really make it your own. I’ll add and remove features based on popular demand. We all know what the like button is for BUT the dislike button is new. It replaces the sad emoji, the angry emoji, or even the heartbreak emoji. By no means was it implemented to encourage or promote bullying.

Ellington "Lyrixx" Bass Sr.
CEO /Founder of Melanin City by Rixx City Studios